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E.A.R. {Enhanced Art Resources}, a contemporary fine art manufacturing, research and consulting firm, is an organization founded and run by contemporary artists. E.A.R ranks among the most knowledgeable and professional contemporary fine art manufacturing, research and consulting firms in the world.

The E.A.R. Mission: Create in order to Connect

Founded in 2014, E.A.R. is a daughter entity belonging to the conglomerate Paula Lalala. Goods are offered in the form of multiples, editions, and interactive objects and events, all of which are enhanced. Current projects include:

Rarefied Air.

Rarefied Air. Air from art venues. In pursuit of the ethereal essence.
Rarefied Air Collections, Paula Lalala, ongoing.

Soup Sink – drink the soup.

The Introductory Art Experience.

 A chance and procedure based interactive art experience booth. Sometimes the art work is generated by procedure and the artist may be a role filled by any number of individuals. Participants work collaboratively with artists to generate artifacts.

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From the Domain of Paula.

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